Magnetic Tools

magnetic tools

  • Single handed operation for handling small parts.
  • Finger tip release.
  • Optional Stainless Steel lower case for hot or abrasive applications.
  • Long handle versions available
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  • Flat Faced and BiPolar Electromagnets
  • Manually operated and Automation Compatible Rectifier/Controllers
  • Custom built Electro-magnets
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  • Designed for continuous operation and need no maintenance
  • Demagnetizes milling cutters, drills and small parts

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Magnetic Chucks & Sine Plates

magnetic chucks and sine plates

  • Permanent Magnetic Chucks
  • Rotary Electromagnetic Chucks
  • Rectangular Electromagnetic Chucks
  • Magnetic Sine Plates

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Repair Facilities

repair facilities

  • Magnetool has the facilities to repair any make of electromagnetic chuck or permanent magnetic chuck.
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