Chucks and Sine Plates

permanent magnetic chucks Permanent Magnetic Chucks
High Power-Standard Pole, High power-Fine Pole permanent magnetic chucks Available.
laminated parallels Rotary Permanent Magnetic Chucks & Parallels
These accessories increase the versatility of your magnetic chucking equipment.
electromagnetic chucks Electromagnetic Chucks
Transverse Pole Chucks, Longitudinal Pole Chucks and Machining Chucks Available
magnetic sine plates Magnetic Sine Plates
Standard Pole-Single Angle, Fine Pole-Single Angle, Standard Pole-Compound Angle, and Fine Pole-Compound Angle Available
rotary electromagnetic chucks Rotary Electromagnetic Chucks
High Power-Standard Pole, High Power-Fine Pole, Parallel Bars and V-Blocks Available
grid pole electromagnetic chucks Grid Pole Electromagnetic Chucks
Grid Pole Chucks are for general purpose use on medium or large grinders.