Magnetic Filters

fluid line filters Magnetic Fluid Line Filters
Magnetool permanent magnet filters reduce tool and work piece damage caused by ferrous metal chips, filings and dust which get into coolant systems.
coolant filters Magnetic Coolant Filters
The Magnetool coolant filters utilize the drum method of filtration and is used with water based coolant.
special coolant filters Special Magnetic Coolant Filters
Magnetool's Special Coolant Filters keep your coolant clean which allows uniform part finish, longer tool and grinding wheel life, reduced pump and machine wear, lower coolant replacement costs and less down time.
filter bag magnets Filter Bag Magnets
Removes ferrous particles from liquid flow increasing filter bag life
t series "T" Series Tramp Iron Trap
Installed at outlet of chute, hopper or coolant line, the powerful permanent magnets trap particles of iron flowing by in sand, grain, foods or liquids.
magnetic hopper grates Magnetic Hopper Grates
Circular, square or rectangular hoppers, ducts or chutes can be fitted with these grates for removal of ferrous contaiminants from dry or liquid materials.