Magnetic Hopper Grates

Circular, square or rectangular hoppers, ducts or chutes can be fitted with these grates for removal of ferrous contaiminants from dry or liquid materials. Powerful Ceramic magnets in 1-1/8" stainless steel tubes mounted on rigid frames. Baffling of angles or rods directs flow over the magnets.

Grates are also available with Neodymium and Alnico magnets. Add (-N) or (-A) suffix to part number. For magnet ratings, see filter bag magnets or "T" series tramp iron traps.

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circular openings
For Cicular Openings
This grate has baffles of stainless steel angles

Round Grates
Diameter No. of Tubes
6" 3
8" 4
10" 5
12" 6
16" 8
20" 10

rectangular grate
Typical Rectangular Grate
Stainless steel rod baffling directs flow

Square or Rectangular Grates
6 }
Widths No. of Tubes
8 4
12 6
16 8
20 10