"T" Series Tramp Iron Trap

t series Installed at outlet of chute, hopper or coolant line, the powerful permanent magnets trap particles of iron flowing by in sand, grain, foods or liquids. As material flows over, trapped particles move to underside of housing and cannot be dislodged. Utilizes ceramic magnets. Alnico and Neodymium magnets available.

Clean by moving neoprene wiper ring to the end. Load simply drops off. Easy to install. Requires no maintenance.

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Model Length Overall Magnet Length
T121 8" 4"
T122 12-7/8" 8-7/8"
T123 17-3/4" 13-3/4"
T124 22-5/8" 18-5/8"
T125 27-1/2" 23-1/2"
T126 32-3/8" 28-3/8"
T127 37-1/4" 33-1/4"
T128 42-1/8" 38-1/8"
T129 47" 43"
T130 51-7/8" 47-7/8"
T131 56-3/4" 52-3/4"

Dia. of tubes: 1-1/8"
Add "N" suffix to part number for Neodymium Magnets
Add "A" suffix to part number for Alnico Magnets

NOTE: Standard housing is aluminum. Stainless steel available on special order.

Ceramic Neodymium Alnico
Gauss on Magnet Tube Surface 1200 Gauss 5500 Gauss 1350 Gauss
Capacity (steel chips) per 4" of magnet length 1 lb 2.45 lbs 1.55 lbs
Pull Force (for comparison purposes) 25 lbs 125 lbs 35 lbs
Effective Distance (for comparison purposes) 1-1/4" 1-1/4" 3"
Service Temperature (EPDM service temp = 300°F) 300°F 176°F 300°F

Deep Field Neodymium Versions available on request - contact engineering