Magnetic Tools

multilifts Magnetic Multilifts
Magnetool offers Multilifts with improved design, rugged construction, plastic and stainless steel cases available.
permanent lifting magnets Permanent Lifting Magnets
Magnetool permanent magnet lifts don't need an outside power source or remagnetizing. They are always ready to go to work.
battery operated lifting magnets Battery Operated Lifting Magnets
All Magnetool Battery Operated Lift Magnets are versatile, compact and fully portable.
round lifting magnets Round Lifting Magnets
Round Lifting Electromagnets are intended to lift solid, compact material such as billets, steel plate, bars, forgings, etc.
rectangular lifting magnets Rectangular Lifting Magnets
Large rectangular magnets are used for lifting slabs, billets, castings, forgings, thick single plate or a number of plates at a time.
bipolar lifting magnets Bipolar Lifting Magnets
Bipolar Electromagnet with Mounted Rectifier-Controller
multlift tubular hand magnets Multilift Tubular Hand Magnets
These stainless steel tubular Multilifts are best suited for steel-from-steel pickup.
punch press feeders Punch Press Feeders
These permanent magnet, safety-approved feeder tools are extrememly efficient, with positive pickup and fast release.
rotary tank tool Rotary Tank Tool
An excellent tool for retrieving parts from tanks of acids and alkalies.
heavy duty tank tools Heavy Duty Tank Tools
A powerful Alnico V horseshoe permanent magnet held in stainless steel bracket and six-foot stainless steel handle with neoprene grip makes this tol impervious to most acids used in plating.
welding fixtures Welding Fixtures
Do away with cumbersome clamps and blocking. Hold thick or thin gauge steel securely in place for welding or for checking layout.
magnetic claw Magnetic Claw
Powerful magnets give you a positive grip on steel sheets and plates. Designed primarily for sliding and pulling.
permanent magnet sheet steel floaters Permanent Magnet Sheet Steel Floaters
These floaters make sheet steel handling a one-man job — Save up to 50% on labor.
magnetic blocks Magnetic Blocks
Multiple-pole magnetic blocks have unlimited uses. Blocks have mounting holes for attaching to surfaces where magnetic holding devices are needed.
magnetic rails Magnetic Rails
Wherever magnetic power is needed for holding ferrous metals in any form, and tolerances are not critical, these rails should be considered.
magnetic squaring guide Magnetic Squaring Guide
Easy to set-up • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
bipolar assemblies Bipolar Assemblies
Magnetool bipolar assemblies can be used for holding and transferring parts, for aligning pieces during welding operations, and as the holding elements on paint racks.