Battery Operated Lifting Magnets

Model BL-2000 Battery Operated Lift Magnet

Model BL-2000 Battery
Operated Lift Magnet

Model BL-5000 Battery Operated Lift Magnet with optional Remote Control

Model BL-5000 Battery
Operated Lift Magnet with
optional Remote Control

Versatile, Compact and Fully Portable

All Magnetool Battery Operated Lift Magnets are versatile, compact and fully portable. Their self contained power source allows them to be operated anywhere - inside or outside the plant. Chains and slings are unnecessary. Operation of these magnets does not depend on an electric power source. Additional Features: Heavy duty On-Off Release Switch located in front and recessed for safety, yet easy to reach. A Safe Charge Indicator tells at a glance the charge condition of the battery. Built-In Battery Charger plugs into any 115 Volt A.C. outlet. All Units are available with optional Remote Control using a heavy duty, hand held drum switch on a 6'-0" cord. (Must be specified at time of order.) Battery Lifts are complete with a 12 volt charger, automotive type battery and charger cable.

Lifting Recommendations

Model BL-11000

Model BL-11000

These units are designed to handle high density materials such as thick steel plates, blocks, smooth surfaced forgings, steel and cast iron castings, heavy, rigid, flat structural steel, burnouts, etc. They are extremely useful in lifting heavy work on and off grinders, mills, drill presses etc. Material such as light gauge sheet metal or any material that bends of flexes excessively, small parts, shavings, turnings, scrap, etc. cannot be handled efficiently by this type of magnet. Battery Lift Magnets are rated using a machined, flat, low carbon steel plate. The test plate used for Battery Lift 2000 and 3000 is a minimum of 1-1/4" thick; on Battery Lift 5000, 11000 and 11500 the test plate is 2" thick. From this breakaway test the magnets are derated by 50%. Material thinner than the test plate may be handled safely but consideration must be given to reduced holding capacity of the magnet. As the material becomes thinner, there is less mass the magnetic force has to act on. Always snatch the load as close to the floor as possible to assure positive contact and a clean lift.

Battery Operated Lift Magnet

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Battery Operated Lifts
Model Votls Capacity A B C D E Weight
BL-2000 12 VDC 2000 lbs 8-3/4" 8-3/4" 9-3/4" 12-1/4" - 84 lbs
BL-3000 12 VDC 3000 lbs 9-1/2" 11-1/2" 12-1/2" 18-1/2" - 135 lbs
BL-5000 12 VDC 5000 lbs 8" 16-3/4" 13-1/4" 19-1/4" - 225 lbs
BL-11000 12 VDC 11,000 lbs 10-1/4" 48" 14" 21-1/2"> - 500 lbs
BL-11500 12 VDC 11,000 lbs 17-3/4" 29-1/2" 14" 22" - 500 lbs
Bipolar Battery Operated Lifts
Model Volts Capacity A B C D E Weight
BP-BL-2500 12 VDC 2500 lbs 6-1/2" 17" 22-1/4" 26" 24-3/4" 300 lbs
BP-BL-5000 12 VDC 5000 lbs 8" 24" 17-1/4" 25-1/8" 23-5/8" 400 lbs
BP-BL-10,000 24 VDC 10,000 lbs 12" 48-1/4" 19-3/4" 28-1/4" 25-3/4" 1500 lbs