Punch Press Feeders

punch press feeders

Lightweight construction. Split-second release. Better clearance.

These permanent magnet, safety-approved feeder tools are extrememly efficient, with positive pickup and fast release. Lightweight, they reduce work fatigue, increase worker efficiency, save hands and fingers, and reduce lost time accidents.

Magnets never need recharging. The magnetic head is designed to retard chip accumulation. Though seldom needed, maintenance is easy due to simple, welded construction.

Lifting Capacities

The lifting capability is based on over-all length of tool, size of sheet, scale, if any, on the sheet, and flatness of the sheet at point of contact with magnet.

The following examples are very general. They are based on lightly oiled steel with no scale.

PF-2 for 20 gage (.035)6" x 12" to 1/8" x 6" x 12" and smaller sizes of thicker material.

PF-3 Double heads for workpieces too large or unwieldy for single-head tools.

PF-18-2 For small parts

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Model Head Diameter Length Weight
PF-2 2/18" 12" 12 oz.
PF-3 (2 heads) 2-1/8" 18" 1-1/2 lbs
PF-18 (2 heads) 7/8" 12" 8 oz