Rotary Magnetic Sweepers

Efficient and Easy To Clean

Magnetool's Rotary Magnetic Sweepesr are the ideal magnetic tool for picking iron or steel particles from floors, driveways or other areas. Easy to maintain. Never needs to be remagnetized. Magnetool magnetic sweepers have great pickup and carrying capacity, using entire 360 surface of rotating 1-1/8" aluminum tube. Picked up material easily unloaded by moving wiper ring from one end to the other.

Standard magnetic sweepers are made with Ceramic magnets. To pick up steel shot the sweeper must have Alnico magnets.


  • Over-all length (including handle) 50"
  • Wheel diameter 2-5/8"
  • Widths as shown on chart
Rotary Magnetic Sweepers
Model Overall Width in Inches Net Weight (lbs) Shipping Weight (lbs)
D-8 11-3/8 3 6
D-12 16-1/4 4 7
D-16 21-1/8 5 8
D-20 26 6 9
D-34 35-3/4 8 11

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Sweepers

heavy duty magnetic sweepers

Designed and built to do massive job of keeping driveways, yard, parking areas, and plant floors free of tramp iron. The permanent magnets in these sweepers are so powerful they will attract tramp iron from a distance of three to five inches.

Bottom of the sweeper consists of two stainless steel plates hinged along the back edge. Depressing the handle pivots the top plate and magnets away from the staionary bottom plate, dropping collected scrap. See picture.

The sweeper can be towed behind a fork lift or truck. A tow bar is substituted for the handle. An upright release lever allows cleaning without unhooking from the truck. Specify handle or tow-bar model.

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Model # Sweeping Width Over-all Width Pickup Height Wheel Diameter
RS-4-36 36" 40" 4" 8"
RS-4-48 48" 52" 4" 8"
RS-4-60 60" 64" 4" 8"